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A unique product for broadcasters around the world. The first all-in-one suite to cover your whole workflows. Scheduling, Archive, Traffic, Billing, Newsroom, Control Room Automation, Asset Management, Data Flow, Reporting and Interfaces - all in a single piece of software.

Designed from broadcasters - for broadcasters. Using state-of-the-art technologies. Interfacing with almost everything.


Multi-User, Multi-Platform, Multi-Channel rundown management. Including auto-fill options, repeat blocks and transfer to playout infrastructure (video, graphic, web).


Commercial planning, accounting and invoicing as well as CRM functionalities will help your station to make money fast and easy.


check the latest news, plan and schedule them, work on texts, videos, graphics within one simple UI. Connect everything to your studio and live infrastructure. Done.


Unique in the World. Touch any information of JP-Broadcast to play it directly live on air. Freeflow controls video and audio switchers, prompters and most other equipment.


manage your content for web, VOD, live or scheduled programs. Different distribution ways, transcoding included and a customized workflow for your station. Keep things simple.


As any information of your station is within one software, JP-Broadcast provides unseen details and statistics about what and how it happens.

Internationally awarded several times for innovative products, technologies and frameworks!
Many successful broadcast projects over the last 15 years worldwide!

Duke's Choice Award (Sun) 2008

The first german company winning the Java-Oscar in San Francisco for the 'coolest and most innovative application on the planet'

European Business Award 2011

German finalist in the category of 'innovative products' for a artificial intelligence based on neuronal networks - similar to what Apple released as Siri years later.

German Founder's Award 2003

2nd winner of a nation wide startup challenge - for a business based on new and creative ideas.

High Tech Strategy Bavaria 1999

Awarded for an application framework that was way beyond the state of the art - comparable years later to spring, hibernate and EJB.

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